FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do anything before my first appointment?

Prior to your first session, an Intake form should be filled out, so that I am aware of any medical conditions, recent injuries/surgeries or sensitivities you may have. You will be prompted  to complete this form when setting up your appointment online. 


Do I need to have anything set-up before the massage therapist arrives?

Nope.  I will just need a clear space for the table.  I will have my own linens, music, lotion and essential oils for aromatherapy (optional). I am animal-friendly and will kindly greet your Fido or Fluffy,  Remind your roommates or loved ones that you are about to get a massage, to limit disruptions during your service.  


How often should I get a massage?

Most of my clients schedule on a monthly basis, as this seems to be the ideal amount of time between sessions for regular maintenance and stress/pain management.  When the pain is more chronic,  weekly or biweekly sessions are a great option.  


What oil do you use during the massage? 

The oil I use contains Coconut Oil Ester, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Oil.  


Do I have to undress for the massage?

Only to your comfort level. You will be covered with linens and draped so that you are never exposed.  Shiatsu massage, a modality I use, does not require disrobing at all- but comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are ideal for the stretches and use of accupressure.